Office Containers

Office containers are made of different panels according to climatic conditions. Our standard office containers are manufactured in 20 '6mx2,4m size. Optionally, 3 storey can be overlapped and 50 containers can be designed to fit side by side. At the same time we can produce jointed pillarless containers which consists of many containers. All our office containers are manufactured in accordance with EU standards and have CE certificate. Please do not decide without consulting us and without a quote. Photos. As the first of its kind in the world, we produced and put on world's market our beamless and pillarless jointed containers consisting of 50 containers side by side. And we are proud. All of our panels are manufactured from non-combustible and waterproof materials. At the same time, according to the postal code of the region where the containers will be installed, we offer you many alternatives considering the snow and weather conditions.
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