DFG Container is a family establisment. After accomplishing many projects in Katar, Dubai, and Istanbul, now we are in Graz Austria. DFG Container carries out all technical calculations and designs completely with its professional staff composed of engineers and architects in R&D departments, and in sales, marketing, and production departments. With customer orientation and satisfaction approach, the company has provided planning, design, loading, logistics, assembly, disassembly, fitting inside building, painting and after-sales services. DFG Container is really excited about to be sharing it's knowledge, know how, and experience which gathered for years with it's customers. Company's constant principles are always quality, servis, on time delivery, and low price DFG Container day by day tries to develop itself through the feedbacks which company gets from its customers. Our company is based on “Sustainable Development” and “Customer Orientation” in the line of its targets and strategies.

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